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WebTrader Platform

The Advantages Of Online Trading

Brantford Capitals offers an extensive online trading service, so that you can easily trade securities through buy and sell orders.

What you should be aware of is that the mechanism on Brantford Capitals is totally different from the traditional one. Forget about authorizing a broker to place the orders on your behalf. Through online trading, you can directly follow the price changes in the global markets, in addition to any other trading related data offered by Brantford Capitals. This way you can place your sell or buy orders yourself. It's important for you to understand that you are the sole responsible for your own trading decisions and the sole responsible for entering the orders into the trading system.

Before using the online trading service, it's critical for you understand the technical and organizational issues related to the service. By using the Internet, you expose yourself to a number of risks that could result in undesirable losses. Those risks may be related to the Internet itself, the application used, the electronic trading system or the misuse of the service. That's why you should acknowledge that you completely understand and accept the aforementioned risks that you may encounter while trading online. The broker will not be responsible in any case of failure, crash or delay of your Internet connection. Also, the broker will not be held liable for the resulting errors in the account balance arising from that failure or crash.

Brantford Capitals offers to its customers online trading service after obtaining the necessary approvals from them and after investigating all the requirements set forth in the online trading instructions. The broker is committed to signing an online trading agreement with its customers who wish to benefit from this service. That agreement includes all the organizational aspects between the two parties. Furthermore, the broker will inform the client about any documents related to the service.

Advantages of online trading:

  • Enables you to follow your trades in real time from virtually anywhere
  • Enables you to enter the purchase and sales orders immediately, in the lights of what is currently happening, and to exploit the investing opportunities when available.
  • Enables you to follow and manage your orders and your investment portfolio in real time.

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