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How to deposit with Brantford Capitals

Fast / Easy / Safe

Brantford Capitals offers its clients a variety of popular payment methods to make trading even more convenient. The Client may transfer funds to the Company with different methods of payment as permitted by the Company from time to time and in any currency (acceptable by the Company), and such funds will be converted and managed in the Trading Platform in US Dollars, according to an exchange rate determined by the Company's according to the known rates at the market.can choose the best suitable for you deposit option from the ones provided below.

Discover our deposit Methods:

  1. Credit Card

    When depositing money from your credit or debit card, the funds will be charged in the base currency of your trading account. If this is a different currency than your credit or debit card, you may be charged additional exchange rate fees. These may vary slightly from the initial sum that has been deposited in the base currency of your account. All our clients must be aware that such variations may occur and should not seek chargeback.

  2. Bank Transfer

    When depositing funds using a facility other than credit cards and/or banks, you agree to, and acknowledge being bound by, the regulations and rules of such service, including, but not limited to, fees and other restrictions. Transfer funds bank-to-bank or person to institution. A wire transfer can be made from one bank account to another bank account. At all times, your private financial details are kept safe between you and your financial institution.


    Client can also use one of several online payment services to create a virtual bank account. Then quickly and securely transfer the desired amount of funds into their trading account.

Fees & Charges

  1. The Company does not charge brokerage fees or commissions for executing trades. The Company derives revenue from the spread on Transactions (i.e. the difference between buy/sell prices quotes offered by the Trading Platform to the Client). It is the Client’s responsibility to decide whether or not it wishes to trade at such prices.
  2. The Company charges a fee for transfers of funds standing to the credit of a Trading Account from the Company to the Client at its prevailing transfer rate, currently equivalent to USD 25 per transfer, and this amount will be a deducted from the Client’s Trading Account.
  3. The Company may introduce additional fees and charges, and may change any existing fees and charges, at any time by giving the Client not less than 10 Business Days notice of such changes.

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